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"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

Our Mission

To educate and engage the community to use the power of their vote and voice to make a difference.


Our Vision

A society where everyone's voice is heard through their vote, understanding of the legislative process  and involvement in the democratic processes

BTheNow is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of the power of your voice and your vote through education and engagement.  Voting is the primary language of a democracy.  It is one of the main tools people use to communicate how they wish to be governed.   


The goals of BTheNow are to:


  1. Educate individuals on the legislative process and how their vote impacts their communities,

  2. Engage communities in the democratic process,

  3. Inform people how to register to vote, locate their polling locations, and when to vote in federal, state, county, and special elections.

BTheNow has organized and participated in voter registration drives across the country, collaborated with local and national organizations to educate and register thousands of new voters as well as conducted speaker forums with local, state and national leaders to inform voters on issues affecting their communities.


Because of our work in the community, BTheNow received the 2021 Reed Award for the Best GOTV Campaign to mobilize diverse communities.  BTheNow was also nominated for a 2021 Rising in Community Excellence Award under Social and Community Impact.

The BTheNow Youth Movement is strategically designed to excite, empower, and encourage young people to attain more knowledge about the democratic process.  Middle and High School students are made aware of the importance of voting and community involvement through events and interactions with local, state and national leaders.  An emphasis is placed on the historical background of voting, why it’s important to vote, and how the vote affects their communities.

Board Members

Cheryl Neal

Founder, B The Now

Hank Stewart

Founder, Hank Stewart Foundation, Community and Youth Activist

Erika Lash

Founder, E. Lynn and Associates, Inc

Kamilla Collier-Mullins

Life Coach

Rodney Neal

Chief Revenue Officer, DSS, Inc

Nelson (Tiger) Harris

CEO, Tiger Entertainment

Derrick Jackson

Community Leader

Paul Bryant

VP External Affairs, HJ Russell & Company

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