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Voter Resources.

Am I Registered  to Vote?

  • Check your registration status at Can I Vote.

  • If you are not registered to vote, use the button below to register online.

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How do I Find My Polling Location?

  • Find your polling place or voter center.

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What information do I need to bring to the polls?

  • Learn what materials you'll need to bring to the polls to vote.


What do I do if I want to early vote before Election Day?

  • If you cannot vote in-person on Election Day, you may be able to vote early or by absentee vote-by-mail ballot.

  • Some states allow any voter to vote absentee and others have stricter requirements.


What do I do if I'm an Overseas Voter?

  • Military and overseas citizens can vote wherever they are. Request your ballot now.

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How do I become a Poll Worker?

  • For information on becoming a poll worker, click the button below. Poll workers are hired at the local level, so contact your local election official if you have questions.

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